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Applicant Tracking

HowardSimon helps HR manage applicants, with the availability of AppliTrack. The system focuses on the most significant areas of the application process.

Recruitment & Selection

  • Advanced web-based job posting capabilities reach a wider network of individuals and attract a higher number of qualified applicants. Tools available to aid in the recruitment process include interview management, tracking efforts, and assessments.
  • Research-based tools evaluate applicants' characteristics and compare them to high-performing employees to determine if a candidate will work well within your organization. Receive valuable insight to make top selections.

Key Features:

  • Customizable pages for unlimited, and distinct, applicant groups
  • Interview manager function to setup time slots for selected applicants to self- schedule interviews
  • Advanced search capabilities to quickly generate information based on specific criteria
  • Applicant data importing with a single click (contact info, references, education, work history, etc.)
  • Custom screen views to compare applicants and simple point-click filtering
  • Tool to create your own paperless e-forms, such as for evaluation documents, interview ratings or new-hire onboarding packets

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