Human Resources

Human Resources Technology

Use our technology to improve your Human Capital Management (HCM) workflow. Strongpay's HR Management portal greatly improves productivity and efficiency in your workforce. Securely store pertinent employee data and track HR processes in an organized web-based system. Online access enables employees to easily obtain necessary information, with administrators controlling accessibility. Choose from one of our standard programs or tailor a solution that is right for your organization.

HR Core Enhanced HR Tailored
Payroll Service
Dedicated Account Management
Time Off Accruals
Standard and Customizable Reports
Secure Online Access with Multi-Factor Authentication
General Ledger Integration
Employee Self-Service
Fall Tax Services
Multi-State Tax Filing
Tax Compliance
Time and Attendance System Integration
HR Information Maintenance
Full HR Data Storage and Reporting
Skills and Certification Maintenance
Event Logging
Dependent and Emergency Contacts
ACA Healthcare Status
Education History and Prior Employment
Employee Employment Status Changes
Custom Fields to Track Additional Data
Manager Workflow Approvals ✓ (Customized)
Time Off Requests
Organizational Charting
Multi-Tier Manager Self-Service
Business Process Consulting
On-boarding Workflow ✓ (Customized)
Insurance Administration
Carrier Connect
Employee Benefits Dashboard
Additional Administration Services
Unemployment Insurance Management Add-on Add-on Add-on
Background Checks Add-on Add-on Add-on
Retirement Plans (e.g., 401K) Add-on Add-on Add-on
Employee Benefit Statements Add-on Add-on Add-on
HR Core

HR Core is the quickest and most cost effective solution to get up and running on the HR Management portal. HR Core allows you to quickly implement a strategic HR solution to your organization. Our intuitive system requires little training for you and your team to get started right away. Looking for some additional features? No problem, our a la carte pricing model makes it easy to add on features as your HR and payroll needs evolve.

Enhanced HR

Looking for more customization and control in your HR process? The Business Suite is the right solution for you! Work with our consultants to develop customized on-boarding and workflow management routines to regulate your internal HR processes. Our template-driven strategy and advanced implementation strategy allows HR teams to get up and running as quickly and efficiently as they are comfortable with.

Tailored Solutions

Need a solution that is completely unique to your organization? Not a problem. Strongpay can tailor solutions specific to the needs of your organization. Through our consultative implementation process, we will develop a detailed process flow that will allow you to automate your HR processes and fully integrate them into a single online solution.

Strongpay Mobile

Access employee data on the go with Strongpay's exclusive Strongpay Mobile. Stay connected to your business from anywhere, at any time, whenever is convenient for you. Downloadable on the App Store.

Start building your custom HR solution today.