Payroll Solutions

Strongpay works with businesses to devise customized, stress-free payroll services. Understanding your needs allows us to create solutions that improve your operations, freeing up your resources to focus on the core of your business. We specialize in:

  • Concierge style customer service
  • Full tax service from a knowledgeable tax team
  • Configurable and Customizable Technology for cost effective personalized solutions
  • Real-time reporting with hundreds of standardized reports and report writer tools
  • HR management
  • Integrated time and attendance solutions
Concierge Service

Strongpay takes service to the next level with our concierge service model. As your trusted partner in payroll, Strongpay guarantees exceptional communication with our clients. Each client receives a dedicated team of specialists who know and understand the idiosyncrasies of your payroll. The direct dial access model allows for quick resolution of queries and continuity of knowledge and familiarity with our clients. Our strong belief in superior customer service is further maintained by direct line access to additional key team members, including our Tax Director, Vice President of Operations, and President.

Tax Support - Not Just Tax Filing

Most payroll companies handle your payroll tax filings but few offer true payroll tax support. Our team of knowledgeable tax specialists assist you with all of your payroll tax needs. Our team is available to help:

  • Register your company in new states of business
  • Determine the taxability of new earnings or deduction codes
  • Handle complex payroll tax issues such as deferred compensation or parsonage
  • Assist with any tax issues requiring expert attention
  • Handle and support ACA payroll filing requirements
Configurable and Customizable Technology

Not all businesses operate the same. At Strongpay, we recognize the importance of being able to customize solutions that fit the need of our clients. We also recognize that our clients often do not have the time nor wish to spend the money that configuration often entails. Strongpay brings cost-effective, easy to implement solutions.

Customization can be as complex as integrating with a 401(k) provider, implementing a workflow solution for HR, or exchanging data with a POS system, or as simple as changing field names in the system to better accommodate your business. Strongpay's team is always available to work with you to improve the process.

Real-time Reporting

Proper reporting provides a safeguard for businesses to meet necessary governmental responsibilities while allowing management to closely monitor operations. Our system generates customized reports, presenting pertinent information quickly and accurately. Key components of our reporting solutions:

  • Real time access to all payroll data
  • Ability to run reports over multiple years
  • Access to hundreds of standard reports
  • Ability to create your own reports via our report writer tool
  • Run reports as a PDF, Excel, or set a delimiter based on your specifications
HR Management

Onboarding, employee self service, digital file cabinet, workflows and much more all contained in a single database solution. The Strongpay approach allows you to customize and grow as your orgnazation's needs change and grow. No costly upgrades to new systems, no expensive packages with monthly minimums, just a common-sense approach to HR and Human Capital Management.

Integrated Time & Attendance

Track employee hours and integrate data effortlessly with our time and attendance system. While time tracking can be done manually, implementing an automated system protects employers by facilitating the tracking and reporting of hours and attendance. Strongpay's Time & Attendance System implements quickly and affordably - with clients choosing to utilize one or more of the following:

  • Physical clocks
  • Voice clocks
  • Swipe cards
  • Biometric verification
  • Web access
Strongpay Mobile

Access employee data on the go with the Strongpay Mobile App. Stay connected to your business from anywhere, at any time, whenever is convenient for you. Downloadable on the App Store.

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